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IGU Commission C16.13

Geography of Information, Innovation and Technology


The Commission provides an international forum for the study of geographical aspects of information and its social context. Among the interests of the Commission are the spatial dimensions of the Internet and cyberspace, the nature of mobility, information technologies and their impact on social relations and community, and the policy issues associated with information society.

History and evolution

More than 30 years of scientific activities

The Commission builds on the strong foundations of prior commissions including the Commission on Telecommunications and Communication with its focus on technology and communications, and the successor Commission on the Geography of Information Society with focus on the intersection between information technology and the emerging knowledge economy. The commission has been renovated for the years 2016–2020. It changed its name from the “Commission of Global Information Society” to “Commission on the Geography of Information, Innovation and Technology” indicating the joint research interests among technology and communications geographers with researchers doing innovation and technology studies. The Commission continues a thirty tree years tradition of active research and engagement across six continents, and advances geographic scholarship around several core spatial and social phenomena.

Successives Chairs

  • Christian VERLAQUE (France) - Geography of communication and telecommunication (CO4 - 1984/1992)

  • Henry BAKIS (France) - Geography of the telecommunication (CO4 - 1992/2000)

  • Aharon KELLERMAN (Israel) - Geography of Information Society (C10 - 2000/2008)

  • Mark WILSON (USA) - Geography of Global Information Society (C08.14 - 2008/2016)

  • Tommi INKINEN (Finland) - Geography of Information, Innovation and Technology (C16.13 - 2016/2020)

Netcom Journal

NETCOM is the official Journal of the IGU Commission on the Geography of Information, Innovation and Technology. Since its fondation by Henry Bakis in 1987, NETCOM takes an interdisciplinary perspective on networks, communications, and space. For paper proposals : Calls for papers :, Journal submission form :

Commission board 2016-2020

Steering committee 2016-2020

  • Rein Ahas (University of Tartu, Estonia)

  • Stefano di Vita (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

  • Andreas Koch (University of Salzburg, Austria)

  • Aharon Kellerman (University of Haifa, Israel)

  • Emmanouil Tranos (University of Birmingham, UK)

  • Tan Yigitcanlar (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

  • Mark Wilson (Michigan State University, USA)

Next meetings

The Commission holds meetings in conjunction with IGU events and also holds its own conferences. The Commission also sponsors events through its members and academic societies.

Upcoming events and conferences include:

  • 2018 International Geographical Union Regional Conference to be held in Canada from August 6 to 10 2018.


For information about the Commission, its events, and to be included on its mailing list, please contact Commission Chair, Tommi Inkinen, by e-mail :

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